Customer Testimonials

Since we started feeding our zebrafish larvae with paramecia, over 99% of our larvae grow to adulthood. We have found ParameciaVAp to be a reliable source of high quality paramecia. I would recommend them to anyone looking for improving the survival of larvae without spending excessive time raising paramecia in their own lab.

Associate Professor,
Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT

Our lab has been receiving weekly shipments of Paramecia from ParameciaVAp for over 7 years. We have always found the quality of paramecia to be very high and the clean culture always arrives as requested.

Lead research technologist,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute and
Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

I have been getting Paramecium from ParameciaVAp delivered to my lab every week for over a year. It is always of high quality and purity and never delayed. The Paramecium from ParameciaVAp helped me to improve the survival rates, and I highly recommend this food choice to anyone growing zebrafish.

Fish technician,
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Our lab exclusively uses paramecia from ParameciaVAp. We receive new stocks weekly and they are of high quality, clean, and always delivered on time. Using paramecia to rear zebrafish larvae has been transformative to our research. I highly recommend ParameciaVAp.

Associate Professor,
Harvard Stem Cell Institute and
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA

Our product has been successfully tested and is relied on by many research Laboratories in Boston, as well as in other laboratories across the US. Our product has been proven effective

With our products, you can increase your Zebrafish larvae survival rates to more than 95%*