Paramecia Culture Medium (ParM)

If you prefer to grow your own Paramecia for your fish, then Paramecia Culture Medium is the product for you! One 250 ml bottle is enough for the preparation of 15-20L liters of growth media.

ParM is based on our proprietary recipe. It has a stabilized salt composition with some buffer for pH 7.2. After packaging, Medium is sterilized by autoclaving.

We recommend to start Paramecia Culture at about 50-100 cells/mL. We also recommend to use our Special Paramecia Food to achieve high Paramecia yields.


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250 mL
2 x 250 mL
4 x 250 mL
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— $38
— $75

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Our product has been successfully tested and is relied on by many research Laboratories in Boston, as well as in other laboratories across the US. Our product has been proven effective