Ordering Information

E-mail your orders to

Purified paramecia are stable for more than a week, so weekly ordering should be sufficient.

For Institutes we have to know

  1. The purchase order number (PO#).
  2. The person (Name) who is responsible for payment.
  3. Billing address of your accounting department and e-mail address for our invoice.
  4. The address of the Lab and the person who will be using the paramecia.
  5. For overnight delivery if you prefer FedEx, please send your FedEx Account # and your Internal Billing Reference.
  6. In case of non-recurring order please pre-pay in advance using   PayPal
    (account — .)

    Upon receiving your payment we will immediately ship you our product.

We, of course, can correct any problem with you over the phone: 617-566-5887.

Best regards,

Vladimir S. Apekin, Ph.D., Owner and CEO

Our product has been successfully tested and is relied on by many research Laboratories in Boston, as well as in other laboratories across the US. Our product has been proven effective