ParameciaVAp Co.
Raising fish with maximum efficiency

1. A live, highly purified, concentrated Paramecium multimicronucleatum (Par)

Suspension prepared specifically for feeding fish larvae

Paramecia are an ideal first feed for baby fish of many species. Our unique methodology of intensive Paramecia culture and purification have the following advantages:

Our Paramecia is grown in a medium consisting of an herbal extract and a mixture of several kinds of natural food. It contains all the components necessary for active growth and development of baby fish.

Our highly pure culture and short incubation prevents the development of harmful protozoa.

Separating the paramecia from the culture media is accomplished using proprietary equipment that prevents cell damage. Harvested Paramecia are placed in a diluted medium for Zebrafish embryos.

Concentration of doubly purified Paramecia cells is adjusted to about 3000 cells/ml.

We use several methods to prevent the degeneration of our line. Our paramecia are always fresh.

When mailing freshly prepared Paramecia suspension, it is packaged in bottles under oxygen. Packaged in this way, the culture is stable for an additional week.


  • In Boston. Freshly prepared Paramecia suspension will be delivered once a week in desired amounts starting with 250ml at a cost of $35 plus $15 for personal delivery.

    Price: 250ml — $50; 500ml — $85, 1L — $155, and so on.

  • Outside of Boston. (Only in the USA and Canada). The cost of paramecia (packaged under oxygen) is $50/250ml and doesn’t include the shipping costs.

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